Long Time No Post

So it doesn’t seem that I keep up with my posting or blogging even a little bit, only one post ever, lets see if i can change things just a bit shall we?

Well as we enter into 2011 the world is changing around us so fast it is hard to keep up.  Some things are exciting and some are scary.  I’m not sure how you feel about it but I’m excited to see how all this new technology changes our lives for the better.  The iPad that got this whole blog started for me is still running fantastic! I cannot believe such a great device would have existed but it does and I love it! I keep discovering new great apps, new great games and ways for it to really become a part of everyday life.

Newest game discovery, Fruit Ninja! What a game this is, and such a simple concept, slice fruit.  If you have an ipad and have not purchased this game, do youself a favor and pick this up right away.  You will too become a fruit ninja and be slicing fruit with the best of them!

If you find yourself reading this on your iPad and wondering how I manage to find great apps I will let you in a little secret website that has everything to do with the iPad, www.padgadget.com such a great site! Bookmark this and you will be happy that you did. Great app reviews, previews and ipad updates.

Verizon announced the iPhone4 will arrive in early February for them, this will really take apple to the next level of smart phone customer base.  We will now see them overtake blackberry, I’m sure of it! More facetiming for everyone! Haha! I don’t expect much else to change with the iPhone this year, this could be the first year since the release that a new device hasn’t been released.  What else can they change or add to this thing, its just a perfect phone!

I would assume my blog theme will start to change over the coming months, assuming I stick with this, but it should always be centered around technology.  The iPad is why i started this but maybe the Windows Mobile Pad will be what keeps me going with this, who knows!

Have a great day!

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Oops…I don’t know what I’m doing

I’m not exactly sure how I managed to completely erase my entire first post, but it happened. I was typing a second post and just when I previewed it I noticed it was over writing my first post? What the heck word press.

Oh well live and learn I guess!

I will have to try and summarize my first post if you are wondering what was in it. Basically I explained how I started on this journey by playing on my shiny new iPad looking for new apps. I happened to run across WordPress which I thought to my self, why not try a blog out? I loaded up the app and discovered you have to do a little configuration first and in no time I was blogging.

I must admit, it is rather satisfying to know people out there really do pay attention to blogs, I can’t say My blog is one people look at, but maybe one day right? Well I guess that should shut me down for now.

Let’s hope I can’t correctly post this one!

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